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We give access to a safe digital education, by helping the people who have key roles: school heads, ICT coordinators, teachers, families and above all students, who will construct a responsible digital future

what is midess

midess® is an exclusive MDM (Mobile Device Management) which allows the complete management of the devices in an educational community. It facilitates the ICT coordinator’s role and reduces the time spent in keeping tablets and computers updated. It enables protocols and settings to be established via an intuitive web page.

midess® helps all the key players involved in digital education: teachers, parents/ tutors, students, ICT coordinators and the heads of educational institution.


BYOD Windows

Is the ideal solution to start a digital schoolbag project that is based on Microsoft Windows platform. It allows the families to buy any device after having being given the minimum requirements by the school.



if you prefer to use Android devices, our version of midess® for this operating system has the same functions as the Windows® version. Moreover, it also has an intuitive parental control. This version is only available for OEM and ODM project integrations. Also available for the Linux OS.




Incorporates Escudo Web’s renown Internet filter, bought by the Government of Extremadura as a parental control tool destined to protect students online outside of the school walls.

On Wifi

Thanks to continuing technological innovation, we have been able to developer an essential tool for classroom software control. Now it is possible to have a stable and consistent network connection essential for this type of solution. How?,  midess® impedes turning off the network Wi-Fi and forces the connection to specified SSID.

Intel CAP

midess® Server MDM can be installed on Intel® CAP. This access point, together with our software, allows the teacher to manage all the devices in the classroom, even without an Internet connection. The device also has a battery giving several hours of autonomy, providing a real Mobile digital classroom experience!


Our experience with schools over the last five years has shown as just how essential it is to be there when needed.  midess® isn’t just a software product, but a solution which includes services: technical support, ICT  consultancy hosting, updates, implementation training and project follow-up.


MDM - Mobile Device Management

From the MDM the ICT coordinator is able to manage all the devices in the educational community remotely via a simple webpage. These can be managed Device by device, en masse or by different School levels. Access to settings, camera, external storage, wallpaper, timetable settings, subject settings and a much more can all be set via the MDM. Even the brightness of all the devices’ screens can be set to increase battery life.

Start Menu

The launch system allows the security and the privacy which students need in the school environment. It is composed of three users: student, parent/tutor teacher, and allows each of these figures the possibility of using the device. The device is regulated by the school calendar and a school timetable. Outside this timetable the device can be used according to the protocols set by the ICT coordinator on the MDM.

Content Filter

Protects students in any situation and in any moment of the day. Allows the educational institution to choose the webpages, words or phrases to be blocked. An essential tool to fight against cyberbullying. The filter can be managed and modified easily via the MDM. Some centres already hardware based content filters, in these cases the filter can easily be turned off to avoid filter conflicts.

Free Access

If ICT coordinator desires, several users can be set up as administrators in the start menu (for teachers and parent/tutor). The school then can enable these users full administrative rights. This is useful when the device has been purchased by the family and they want to use it freely while not in the school environment.

Classroom Manager

Installed on the teachers’ Windows computer, this is an extremely useful tool (with no limits of client users). Teachers can deactivate Internet, shut down the devices, pause them and lots more. And intuitive tool for the teacher regardless of the digital dexterity. Includes the ability to exchange archives without an Internet connection.

Student Classroom Manager

Included in midess®, is the best tool for sending and receiving archives during the class. An Internet connection isn’t needed. Students can send and receive archives regardless of the format. Students have a bookmark bar which gives easy access to certain content. Students don’t decide whether or not to connect to the session that privilege resides with the teacher.


Locating devices, via IP and GPS, in case of a lost device or a stolen device. It also includes remote blocking of devices. This function is available via the MDM and can only be managed by the ICT coordinator.

MAM - Mobile Application Management

This feature is the most highlighted and valued feature by the ICT coordinators. It allows remote installation and uninstallation of applications via the MDM. This feature can be used at the device level, classroom level or institutional level. With no need to physically manipulate each device the amount of man hours saved is huge. The system does not allow students to install and uninstall Applications. The ICT coordinator manages the white list of applications which are the only applications that can be used in the school. Parents and tutors have free access to install applications but these will only be available outside the school timetable.

Wifi Network Manager

The innovative feature ON-WIFI, makes midess® the best software on the market for establishing a stable and constant Wi-Fi in the classroom. This Wi-Fi will be the only Wi-Fi that students can connect to, thus avoiding students connecting their smartphones to other Wi-Fi in the vicinity. Only with this feature can the Classroom Manager application work optimally.

Our added value


More than 150.000 devices being used with our software in America and Europe shows and highlights the quality of our software. We have a vast experience in institutional implementations in countries like Nicaragua or Portugal, and regional governments in Spain (Madrid, Castilla La Mancha, Extremadura and Asturias). These are just some of the implementing projects to date.



Nowadays all transformational projects based on ICT must have a solid training plan for teachers and ICT coordinators. We offer several training modules which will help you achieve the success required. We also help to design a training plan which can be online, face-to-face or blended.


Digital pioneers

Many schools have already abandoned the textbooks and are using Digital formats from varying publishers. Our software has helped this become a reality by allowing schools and parents/tutors the ability to configure the devices according to their needs. In many instances the devices have been purchased directly by the parents.For more information about the safe digital schoolbag all you need to do is ask. We’d love to help you.




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